Facebook, Amazon, Zoom, Pinduoduo, Tencent — What Cathie Wood’s Ark Bought And Sold Today

Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment Management sends out an email every night listing the stocks that were bought or sold by the firm’s ETFs that day. In recent months, the emails have known to cause certain stocks to see a spike in the after-hours session. Here’s a list of 29 stocks that the hedge fund bought and sold on Wednesday. Trades For Ark Fintech Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKF): Pinduoduo Inc (NASDAQ: PDD): Bought 78,761 shares of the agriculture-focused technology platform in China, representing about 0.26% of the ETF. Pinduoduo stock closed 8.73% lower at $124.18 on Wednesday and was further down 0.66% in the after-hours. It has a 52-week high of $212.6 and low of $33.90. See Also: Why Pinduoduo Could Be ‘Primary Beneficiary’ Of Alibaba’s China Regulatory Misfortunes Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN): Sold 7,698 shares of the e-commerce giant, representing about 0.6158% of the ETF. Amazon stock closed 1.61% lower at $3087.07 on Wednesday and was marginally down in the after-hours. It has a 52-week high of $3552.25 and low of $1885.78. Trades For Ark Genomic Revolution ETF (NYSE: ARKK): Schrodinger Inc (NASDAQ: SDGR): Bought 76,400 shares of the life sciences and materials science company, representing about .056% of the ETF. Schrodinger stock closed 5.61% lower