Cryptocurrency vs gold: Precious yellow metal and bitcoins are two assets that are independent from the government. Both gold and cryptocurrencies are limited assets and hence prices of both of these assets appreciate or depreciate based on its demand and supply. As cryptos have been giving stellar returns amid uncertainty in regulations, there is a debate going on whether gold would lose sheen in race against bitcoins.

Speaking on similarities between gold and cryptocurrencies; Manoj Dalmia, Founder and Director at Proaasetz Exchange said, “Like gold, cryptocurrencies are also a limited digital asset as there will never be more bitcoin released. This makes bitcoins similar to gold in terms of scarcity. Unlike fiat money, where bank deposits can be depreciated due to inflation controlled by the government, both bitcoins and gold are independent from the government.”

On how cryptocurrencies may give run for money to gold in asset segment; Vinshu Gupta, Founder & Director, Nonceblox Blockchain Studio said, “For long Gold has been the defacto hedge against inflation. It can be stolen, need to be stored and would usually need maintenance. It was one of the few trusted investments for old money but not anymore. Investors have started to look at bitcoins as future gold. It is purely decentralised, has no storage or maintenance issues and can’t be stolen. Calling it only a